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Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 superficially porous columns for reversed-phase LC separations offer exceptional efficiency and reliability. Eleven chemistries – from a C18 column to unique chemistries – are available in up to three particle diameters: 1.9 µm, 2.7 µm, and 4 µm. This range of chemistries provides a broad choice of selectivity for scalable LC method development, from traditional HPLC to UHPLC and to ultralow dispersion UHPLC.

InfinityLab Poroshell 120 columns are based on superficially porous particle technology, which features a solid silica core and a porous outer layer. Compared to traditional totally porous particles of the same (or similar) size, Poroshell particles deliver higher chromatographic efficiencies and enable fast, highresolution separations. Poroshell superficially porous particles offer several advantages over totally porous particles: – Uniform particles with smooth surfaces, ensuring smaller particle size distributions – Short analyte diffusion path in/out of the porous layer – Narrow particle size distributions, allowing more uniform packing of column particles.

With 18 different chemistries, InfinityLab Poroshell 120 columns provide a range of selectivities that makes your method development fast and easy

Technical Specifications

Best all Around: Poroshell EC-C18Best for Low pH: Poroshell StableBondBest for High pH: Poroshell HPHBest for Polar
Compounds (HILIC)
Best for Alternative
Best for Chiral
1.9, 2.7, 4 µm
1.9, 2.7, 4 μm
1.9, 2.7, 4 µm
1.9, 2.7, 4 µm
2.7 µm
2.7 µm
1.9, 2.7, 4 µm
2.7 µm
2.7, 4 µm
1.9, 2.7, 4 µm
1.9, 2.7, 4 µm
2.7 µm
2.7 µm
1.9, 2.7, 4 µm
2.7 µm
2.7 µm
2.7 µm
2.7 µm

Best all Around: Poroshell EC-C18

InfinityLab Poroshell 120 EC-C18 and EC-C8 Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell ECC18 provides a similar chemistry to the ZORBAX Eclipse Plus phase for ideal separation of a wide variety of analytes. Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 EC-C8 is less retentive for faster analysis of nonpolar compounds.

Conditions: Mobile phase: 60% CH3CN, 40% H2O

Flow rate: 0.85 mL/min

Temperature: 26 ºC

Detection: 254 nm

Sample: 2 µL of RRLC checkout sample (p/n 5188-6529), alkylphenones

Best for Low pH: Poroshell StableBond

InfinityLab Poroshell 120 SB-C18 and SB-C8 SB-C18 and SB-C8 are made using bulky silanes that sterically protect the siloxane bond. Acid labile endcapping reagents are not used. The result is vastly improved column life and extraordinary chemical and temperature stability at pH 1-6. A lack of endcapping also provides a different selectivity to the endcapped EC-C18 and EC-C8.

Best for High pH: Poroshell HPH

InfinityLab Poroshell HPH-C18 and HPH-C8 HPH-C18 and HPH-C8 incorporate hybrid InfinityLab Poroshell particle technology to provide high-pH stability. Hybrid particle technology improves overall particle ruggedness at extended pH, enabling long lifetimes and fewer column changes. The selectivity of the HPH chemistries is very similar to EC-C18 and EC-C8, making method transfer simple.

A robust method development process is critical to ensuring that your method is long lasting, stable, and reliable. Because the retention and selectivity of ionizable compounds can change significantly with varying pH, it is becoming standard practice to employ low-, medium-, and high-pH analyses during method development.

Best for alternative selectivity: InfinityLab Poroshell 120 Bonus-RP, PFP, and Phenyl-Hexyl

Alternative selectivities allow you to explore various conditions to find optimal separation of your analytes of interest. The Phenyl-Hexyl phase provides alternative selectivity to C18 phases, particularly for analytes containing aromatic groups. Bonus-RP provides unique mid-pH selectivity with an embedded amide linkage in the alkyl chain.

PFP is a pentafluorophenyl ligand, which provides an orthogonal separation mechanism with C18 chemistries. PFP phases can separate analytes based on small differences in structure, substitution, and steric access to polar moieties. The resulting selectivity for positional isomers, halogenated compounds, and polar analytes is particularly useful when analyzing complex mixtures.

Alternative selectivity for polar compounds: InfinityLab Poroshell 120 SB-Aq

SB-Aq is a proprietary alkyl reversed-phase chemistry designed to retain hydrophilic and other compounds when using highly aqueous mobile phases—including 100% water.

Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 EC-CN

Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 EC-CN  offers very different selectivity compared to C18 for mixtures of polar, midpolar and nonpolar compounds. The EC-CN phase can also be used in normal phase mode for retention of polar compounds.

InifinityLab Poroshell HILIC Columns

Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) is gaining popularity due to its ability to retain and separate small polar analytes using a standard LC system and common reversed-phase solvents.

Advantages of this technique include:

  • Simplicity (just change the column and adjust the method to analyze highly polar compounds)
  • Better retention of polar analytes than reversed-phase methods
  • MS-compatible eluents and easy setup
  • Improved ionization and sensitivity in MS mode.

Retain highly charged compounds, including inorganic salts: InfinityLab Poroshell 120 HILIC-Z

This Agilent column innovation features a novel zwitterionic stationary phase bonded to Poroshell 120 particles.

Advantages include:

  • High peak capacity and wide polarity range
  • A PEEK-lined column option for excellent peak shape and recovery of challenging compounds
  • Robust performance
  • High pH stability up to pH 12 at 35 ºC; temperature stability to 80 ºC at pH 7
  • Tolerates samples with high salt or buffer content
  • Compatible with MS-friendly buffers (<10 mM salt content); low MS bleed

Key Features

  • Superficially porous, core-shell particles that provide both improved throughput and higher resolution
  • A scalable family of particles including 1.9 µm, 2.7 µm, and 4 µm for the best performance from your methods and instruments
  • Superior peak shapes for faster, more accurate results due to high-purity silica and advanced bonding chemistries
  • Easy method development with the selectivity from 11 reversed phase chemistries
  • Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility giving you confidence in your separation results
  • Part of the InfinityLab family – designed for ease-of-use and maximum compatibility with Agilent instruments and supplies
  • Long column life with uniquely robust 1.9 µm low-dispersion UHPLC columns
  • Reduced need for sample preparation due to 2 µm frits on 2.7 µm and 4 µm columns
  • UHPLC guard columns to further extend the life of your analytical column
  • Enhanced usability, traceability, and security with a preprogrammed ID tag

Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 Columns

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