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Robotics and similar technology for more efficiency in storage. Whether large-scale or batch size – we develop individual and flexible automation solutions. The full automation of your storage machines mean more efficient manufacturing processes, reduced production costs and maximum investment security. Another advantage of Remmert automation solutions is the manufacturer-independence. If you choose to make a replacement investment, you only need to exchange the storage machines affected and not all of your material handling apparatus.

Available Models

Technical specifications
Available formats3015 and 4020​
Size of finished parts100 x 100 to 1.000 x 1.000 mm​
Euro-Pallet dimenson800 x 1.200 mm​
Weight of single finished partmax. 100 kg​
Thickness of finished parts1 – 12 mm​
Tact time per sorted finished partapprox.15 sec​

SortFLEX is the flexible and fully automatic solution for the sorting of lasered finished parts. Due to the manufacturer-independent integration, SortFLEX enables highest flexibility in the selection of the connected laser cutting machines. The highlight: SortFLEX effectively improves the entire material flow of the entire metalworking production line – users benefit from directly measurable productivity increases.

Benefits of SortFLEX

  • Manufacturer-independent: the user chooses the perfect machine, completely independent of the manufacturer – we implement the laser into the production processes​
  • Boost of laser productivity: Decoupling of laser cutting and sorting process​
  • Modular design: systems can easily be expanded and kept up-to-date with FLEX modules​
  • Flexible solutions for individual requirements: Various unloading positions provide a flexible sorting process​
  • Highest product quality: finished parts are handled with care​
  • modern design meets clever functions: machine status via LED
  • Users benefit from smart safety concept of FLEX modules

The quickest solution on the market

LaserFLEX is fitted with two automated units – one supplier and one remover. This way Remmert decouples the feeding of the laser systems. After cutting the sheet metal, the fork unit of the new system lifts the processed metal sheet from the laser’s changing table. At the same time, the vacuum unit picks up a new board from the connected storage system. As soon as the remover places the sheet back down or sets it next to the machine, the supplier attaches the new sheet to the laser. The LaserFLEX needs only about one minute to do this – and according to a benchmark study by Remmert, it is the quickest system on the market.
The downtimes of the connected machines are near zero, even lasers with a high processing speed are optimally supported.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Changing times from approximately one minute (at 3015)
  • Highly automated manufacture processes
  • Decoupling of supply and removal of lasers
  • Manufacturer-independent integration of laser systems
  • Flexible storage design with tower storage or large systems
  • Reduced downtimes for the processing machine
Technical specifications
suitable for sheets3015 and 4020
max. sheet thicknessup to 12 mm
load of finished parts 30152 cutting plans á 0,5 t
load of finished parts 40202 cutting plans á 0,85 t
height765 ~ 875 mm

LoopFLEX is the solution for fast manual sorting of laser-cut sheet metal parts and sheet skeletons. According to the experience of our customers, a time saving of up to 35% can be achieved.Due to the selectable belt height, the operator can adopt a back-friendly posture during the sorting process and work ergonomically. The LoopFLEX’s adjustable belt pace also enables fast sorting. Since LoopFLEX can be operated intuitively, the employee is trained in a short time.

Benefits of LoopFLEX

  • adjustable height of belt to support a healthy body posture during the sorting
  • selectable pace of belt
  • intuitive operation and therefore short training periods for new employees
  • safety concept
  • quick recognition of status via LED lights
  • manufacturer-independent, integration of machines of any laser vendor
  • modular and expandable FLEX component
  • modern design meets clever functions
Technical specifications
Maximum load (including recording tool)420 kg
Thickness of the laser cut parts3 ~ 15 mm
Average sorting speed per piece (including all auxiliary times)20 seconds
Robot radiusadapted to your requirements
Remaining grid removalhorizontal stacking
Sorting softwareRemmert-PROsort

Flexibility during sorting

The flexible robot applications sort almost any part geometry you want. Particular highlight: On the basis of the nesting plan of your laser cutter, the Remmert software tool makes a connection between the part of the goods and the sorting tool – 100 % offline.

Reducing your costs

LaserSORT guarantees secure processes and the highest efficiency in sheet metal processing. The 6-axis bending arm robot lies unused sheets on the changing table of the laser machine, sorts the completed parts into different load carriers and removes the remaining grid – in a fully automated way.
Reduce your unit costs with LaserSORT: As the robot only sorts for about half as long as a laser cuts, many of our customers decide to use the robot for two machines at the same time.

The Clear Advantage of AMASORT

The sorting robot sorts up to 50 kg of heavy saw cuttings fully automatically and enables the manual material removal of oversized saw cuttings up to 1,000 kg and with a segment length of 300 to 1,500 mm – whether round or square edged, solid or hollow.
AMASORT thus enables efficient and fast handling for your saw cuttings.

Fully Automated Sorting

The modular automation solution consists of a hydraulic gantry grip, conveying technology and a 6-axis robot. The sorting robot is controlled by the Remmert software PROsort. Fully automatic. It defines which piece is put where and selects the respective reception tool.
Remmert has developed the sorting robot, AMASORT, in close cooperation with the machine and tool manufacturer, AMADA, for the automation of the AMADA band saw PCSAW 430.

Efficient Grabbing with Remmert PICKsystem

The PICKsystem is the core piece of the Remmert saw cell, it is the mechanical interface between the storage system and the saw machine. Up to 55 bars per hour can be grabbed by the gantry grip and thus automated placement and optimal capacity of up to four production machines is guaranteed.

Automatic Handling Processes

At the storage supply station, the PICKsystem removes the relevant long goods from a cartridge and transfers them to the defined CNC machine. After processing, the grabbing robot stores the remaining material in the output cartridge. At the buffer station of the same storage system, a second load carrier is already ready, from which the PICKsystem extracts new material for processing.

Remmert SortFLEX

Remmert LaserFLEX Stand Alone

Remmert LaserSORT

Remmert Sortierroboter AMASORT

Remmert PickSystem und AMASORT

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