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Microtrac MRB’s NANOTRAC Flex is a highly flexible nanoparticle size analyzer based on Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) which provides information on particle size, concentration, and molecular weight. It allows faster measurements with reliable technology, higher precision, and better accuracy. All of this combined into compact a DLS analyzer with a revolutionary fixed optical probe.

With the unique and flexible probe design and the use of the Laser Amplified Detection method in the NANOTRAC FLEX, the user is able to choose an appropriate vessel as a measurement cell to satisfy the needs of any application. This design also allows measurements of samples over a wide concentration range, monomodal or multimodal samples, all without prior knowledge of the particle size distribution. This is made possible through the use of the Frequency Power Spectrum (FPS) method instead of classical Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS).

Key Features

  • Most flexible Dynamic Light Scattering ever
  • Unique external probe design
  • In situ particle sizing and monitoring
  • 180° backscatter DLS setup
  • Turn any vessel into a sample cell – no consumables required
  • External probe allows dip and measure
  • Universal solvent compatibility
  • Small footprint
  • Frequency Power Spectrum calculation model instead of PCS
  • Laser Amplified Detection – high signal to noise ratio

Techinical Specifications

MethodBackscattered laser-amplified scattering reference method
Measurement angle180°
Measuring range0.3 nm – 10 µm
Molecular weight range<300 Da -> 20 x 10^6 Da
Temperature range+4°C – +90°C
Temperature accuracy± 0.1°C
Reproducibility (size)=< 1
Sample volume size measurementone drop – 8
Sample concentrationup to 40 % (sample dependent)
Carrier fluidsWater, polar and unpolar organic solvents, acid and base
Laser780 nm, 3 mW
Humidity90 % non-condensing

Nanoparticle Size Analyzer Nanotrac Flex



A leader in particle characterization. In 2020, the leading companies for particle characterization, RETSCH Technology, Microtrac and MicrotracBEL united and became one powerful brand: MICROTRAC MRB!

All three companies share a passion for making particle analysis more accurate, more effective and more convenient in order to exceed customers’ expectations. Together, we at MICROTRAC MRB will continue to find superior solutions for every application and provide the best customer service!

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