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  • Elementrac ONHp-2 Brochure – Eltra

The ELEMENTRAC ONH-p determines oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in inorganic samples by inert gas fusion in an impulse furnace with temperatures in excess of 3.000 °C.

Technical Specifications

Measured elementsnitrogen, oxygen
Furnace alignmentvertical
Sample carriergraphite crucibles
Field of applicationceramics, engineering / electronics, steel / metallurgy
Furnaceelectrode impulse furnace (max. 8,5 KW*), temperatures in excess of 3,000 °C
Detection methodsolid state infrared absorption for oxygen thermal conductivity for nitrogen
Typical analysis time120 – 180 s
Chemicals requiredcopper oxide, magnesium perchlorate, sodium hydroxide
Gas requiredcompressed air, helium 99.995 % pure, argon 99.995% pure (if required), all gases with (2 – 4 bar / 30 – 60 psi)
Power requirements3~ 400 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 8,500 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)57 x 77 x 63 cm
Weight~ 161 kg
Required equipmentPC, monitor, balance (resolution 0.0001g)
Optional accessoriescarrier gas purification, external chiller, gas calibration unit
* limited to 6.8 kw in application settings

Key Features

Elementrac ONH-p

  • Low gas consumption and high sensitivity due to closed gas system
  • Easy application of pins, powders and granules
  • Inexpensive argon as carrier gas possible
  • Short analysis time
  • Powerful impulse furnace with 8.5 kW
  • Optional Autocleaner
  • Reliable ON elemental analysis of inorganic samples like steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, slags, ores, etc.

Operation and Analysis Process

Step 1: Logging the sample into the ELEMENTS software

The sample ID is logged into the software and the weight is automatically transferred (see step 2).

Step 2: Weighing and introduction of sample into the port

The ELEMENTRAC OH-p 2 analyzes volumes from a few mg up to 2 grams safely and precisely. Rod-shaped or granular samples can be applied directly. For the elemental analysis of powders, a capsule is recommended which does not have to be sealed.

Step 3: Analysis

The empty graphite crucible is then placed on the lower electrode and the elemental analysis is started via the ELEMENTS software. The software controls all subsequent process steps.

Step 4: Data output and export

120 to 180 seconds after the analysis has started, the measured concentrations are available for export as a report or via LIMS.

Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Analyser ONH-p 2 Introduction

Key Industries

  • Construction
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Mining & Minerals



ELTRA is a specialist for elemental analyzers for the accurate and rapid analysis of solid materials. ELTRA equipment is a standard for elemental analysis in industries such as mining, steel, energy, cement and metal working.

ELTRA analyzers are used to reliably determine elements like carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen, and cover a wide, dynamic measuring range. The ability to adapt each analyzer to user specifications allows the precise measurement of a great variety of organic and inorganic samples in a multitude of applications.

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