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Armfield’s range of internal combustion engines encompasses automotive and aviation power units, each one mounted on a small test bed and providing a complete engine learning system. Each system comes with LabVIEW™ based ArmSoft™ software, which can be used to run the engine from a personal computer. The software incorporates a full range of facilities.

Available Models

The Armfield CM11MkII biofuel compatible, Gasoline Engine provides a self-contained engine test rig, which enables students to investigate a range of engine performance characteristics. The unit is designed to be linked to a computer, and is supplied with sophisticated educational data acquisition software.

Key Features

  • A modern, automotive, high-efficiency, three-cylinder, 1.2-litre, water-cooled, normally aspirated engine complete with all services and ancillaries required to run the engine in a laboratory environment
  • Biofuel compatible
  • Variable load, eddy current dynamometer which acts as a brake, enabling direct measurement of engine torque
  • Dynamometer completely integrated with the engine, mounted within the same frame
  • Ignition and Injection Control system as standard, enables user to investigate the effects of alterations to fuel injection and ignition timing
  • Supported on strong tubular steel framework via flexible mounts. Frame houses fuel tanks, battery, electrical enclosures, etc
  • Protected by guards around all moving parts, and around key hot surfaces
  • Throttle and brake load can be controlled remotely
  • Standard instrumentation includes sensors for:
  • Engine speed 
  • Torque
  • Air flow
  • Cooling water temperature (inlet and outlet of heat exchanger) Cooling water flow
  • Exhaust gas Lambda sensor
  • Sensor variables are logged in real-time on a customer-supplied computer via a USB interface, using sophisticated educational software. The software includes full data logging and analysis functions, and incorporates detailed teaching material
  • Optional Engine Indicator set allows production of real-time P-V diagram
  • Optional LPG System allows engine to run on LPG fuel

The Armfield CM 12 is a self-contained diesel engine test rig, which enables students to investigate typical engine performance parameters. The unit is designed to be linked to a computer and is supplied both with educational data acquisition and control software, as well as the engine manufacturers diagnostic software for monitoring the status of the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Key Features

  • A four-cylinder, water-cooled, biodiesel compatible, 1.9-litre Volkswagen diesel engine, complete with services and ancillaries required to run the engine in a laboratory environment
  • Variable load eddy current dynamometer, which acts as a brake, enabling direct measurement of engine torque
  • Supported on strong steel framework via flexible mounts. The frame also houses the fuel tank, battery and electrical enclosures
  • Protected by guards around the moving parts. Safety interlocks and emergency stops are provided
  • Supplied with educational software for data logging and control
  • Supplied with the engine manufacturer’s diagnostic software
  • Starter, throttle and dynamometer can be controlled from a computer
  • Standard instrumentation includes sensors for:
  • Engine speed
  • Torque
  • Air flow
  • Cooling water temperature (inlet and outlet of heat exchanger)
  • Cooling water flow
  • Optional engine indicator set for measuring cylinder pressure through the cycle

The Armfield CM14 is an aeronautical axial flow gas turbine engine. Easily connected to the user’s PC, the unit is supplied with powerful educational software to control and measure a wide range of performance variables and record data. The engine is the small compact Olympus HP E-start turbine engine, comprising a single-stage radial compressor, an annular combustion chamber and a low-mass, high-performance axial flow turbine.

Key Features

  • An aeronautical axial flow gas turbine engine mounted on a stainless steel plinth, suitable for bench mounting. An electronic console and 5l ‘explosafe’ fuel tank are also provided
  • An optional mounting frame is available for floor-standing operation
  • The engine has a maximum speed in excess of 100,000rpm and generates a thrust of at least 195N
  • Full instrumentation to measure rpm, thrust, temperature and pressure at each stage of the jet engine
  • Stainless steel air inlet duct to measure air flow
  • The engine is easy to start, without the need for propane gas or compressed air
  • The equipment is fully controlled from a user-supplied PC. The software includes powerful educational features together with sophisticated graph plotting and data logging capability
  • Connection to the PC is via a single USB interface, thus providing simple installation

Key Industries

  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Education & Academics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powders & Pigments / Coating



The Armfield Industrial Division designs and manufactures research & development systems, primarily for the food, beverage, dairy, edible oil and pharmaceutical industries. Used by many of the world’s leading corporations, Armfield systems enable researchers and product developers to replicate full-scale industrial manufacturing processes on a miniature-scale in the laboratory.

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