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  • β-Actin Mouse mAb (AC004) Brochure

  • β-Actin Rabbit mAb (AC038) Brochure

This gene codes for one of six actin proteins, playing a crucial role in cell movement, structure, and signaling. It’s a key component of the contractile apparatus and is linked to Baraitser-Winter syndrome 1, causing intellectual disability and unique facial features. Many similar gene copies exist in the human genome.

Available Models

Technical Specifications

ReactivityHuman, Mouse, Rat
Recommended DilutionWB 1:2000 – 1:20000 IHC-P 1:50 – 1:200 IF/ICC 1:50 – 1:200
Antibody Dilute ProcedurePut 5ul AC004 into 45 ul buffer(with 50% glycerol), diluted 1:10, 000 for using. The diluted antibody can be stored at -20℃ without aliquot.
Storage BufferStore at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles. Buffer: PBS with 0.01% thimerosal, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Application KeyWestern blotting Immunohistochemistry Immunofluorescence
Positive Samples293T, HeLa, A-549, NIH3T3, Mouse brain, Rat testis, C6
Cellular LocationCytoplasm, cytoskeleton

HC(Mouse kidney, Rat kidney, Homo sapiens, Mus musculus)

WB(Mus musculus, Homo sapiens, Crassostrea gigas, Rattus norvegicus, Citrus sinensis, Sus scrofa, Ctenopharyngodon idellus, Cynoglossus semilaevis, chicken eggs, Spodoptera frugiperda, Pinellia ternata, Arabidopsis thaliana, Actinopterygii, Danio rerio , insect , Plutella xylostella, Bombyx mori Linnaeus, Lineage, Canis lupus familiaris, Homo sapiens、Mus musculus, Lampetra japonica, Staphylococcus aureus, mouse, Ictalurus punctatus, Rattus norvegicus,Mus musculus, Homo sapiens,Danio rerio)

IF(Homo sapiens)

IF(Homo sapiens, Mus musculus)

IP(Homo sapiens)

WB(Homo sapiens)

IP(Homo sapiens)

IHC(Mus musculus)

IP(Homo sapiens)

Co-IP(Homo sapiens)

Technical Specifications

ReactivityHuman, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Zebrafish, Pig
Recommended DilutionWB 1:10000 – 1:100000
Storage BufferStore at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles. Buffer: PBS with 0.05% proclin300, 0.05% BSA, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Application KeyWestern blotting
Positive Samples293T, HeLa, Mouse brain, Mouse testis, Mouse lung, Rat brain, Rat testis, Rat lung
Cellular LocationCytoplasm, cytoskeleton

WB(Sanghuangporus vaninii, Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus, Bos taurus, Gallus gallus, Homo sapiens,Rattus norvegicus, Bacillus cereus)

IF(Mus musculus)

IP(Mus musculus)

real-time pcr(Homo sapiens)



Based in Massachusetts, ABclonal aims to improve the accuracy and precision of life science research for scientists around the world by providing high-quality, personalized biology research reagents and services. Our large catalog of off-the-shelf products can be customized to ensure you can have the antibodies, peptides, and proteins best suited to you.

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